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Developing songwriting lessons and all the comprehensive training to effectively teach songwriting to aspiring songwriters can be extremely challenging. We at My Songwriting Coach have all the knowledge, information, and communication skills necessary, however when it comes to the pre-requisites that a songwriting student ought to have, students are all over the place.

It kind of makes sense if you think about what it would be like if I asked every student to go to a particular, physical place, and I had to give them directions how to get there. Since each and every one of them is starting from a different physical location, their path to the designated destination would be different than it would be for any other student. The directions would be unique for each one of them.

Songwriting Lessons PotholesUsing the analogy of building a road, if we were to build a brand new road from scratch we would grade the road then uniformly lay the asphalt. However, if we were working on an existing road, there might be sections of the road that were perfectly fine and others that had potholes or were in need of serious repair. So it is with songwriting students. Those starting at the very beginning with their songwriting lessons can follow a uniform path, step by step, learning each phase of songwriting in the perfect order. The reality is however, that most students who come to us already have varying degrees of experience, training, and skill, but it is very spotty and in need of upgrade or repair, and requires a songwriting lesson curriculum that is customized to fit with their backgrounds.

How Do Private Songwriting Lessons Work?

The most important factor in how songwriting lessons work is the individual student’s needs. Does the student want to be a complete songwriter, having mastered all the elements to successfully compose the music they desire to create? Or do they only want to master a specific part of the craft because their deepest desire is to become another songwriter’s co-writing partner? Each student gets an opportunity for a full skill assessment, and to essentially drive the bus of their own songwriting education. We definitely will counsel every student as to what we believe is best for them, but we learned a long time ago that students work harder on paths and destinations of their own choosing.

Lyric Writing, Melody Writing, and Chord Progression DevelopmentStudents will be learning a complete approach to lyric writing, melody writing, and chord progression development, in their songwriting lessons, as well as familiarity with all the conventional song styles and structures and when and how to break the rules. Students can concentrate on expanding their pre-existing strengths, developing skills to overcome their weaknesses, or a little of both. Students most often want to work on the area where they feel the most blocked in their songwriting process, however they can soon discover that learning more tools to put in their songwriting tool box and learning how to practically use those tools, will often remove songwriting blocks before they even happen. Songwriting lessons are all about developing that tool box and perfecting the use of every tool in it.

Who Should Consider Songwriting Lessons?

Songwriting Lessons Guitar SongwriterThe reality is that all songwriters who truly want to be the best songwriter they can be will definitely benefit from songwriting lessons. From beginner to very advanced songwriters can learn more to perfect their songwriting skills and process. My Songwriting Coach has helped so many different categories, skill levels, and experience levels of students that it would be surprising to meet a student we couldn’t help.

Who are our students? Lead vocalists who don’t even play an instrument but want to have a greater role in their band’s songwriting beyond just the melody they sing. Poets who love to write and express themselves with words and poetic imagery and have always been drawn to the idea that their best poems could become excellent songs as well. Accomplished musicians who don’t even sing and don’t have a strong understanding of melody but love music and the energy behind the song and realize that there’s more money in the writing than just performing. And even pro songwriters who sometimes just need an A & R caliber ear to bounce ideas off of as they do their edits and rewrites in search of the perfect song.

Every step of the way, through each songwriting process, from melody to lyrics, to harmonic progression and structure and form, My Songwriting Coach is there to open doors and windows, forge new pathways into the imagination, expose songwriters to new ways of looking at their craft, and ultimately to help students grow as songwriting artists. The songwriting lessons are the vehicle, but your dreams and visions are the driver.


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