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  • You can make a profound difference in your songwriting with a visit to My Songwriting Coach. From both education and experience, heart and ability, we can help you change your songs.

  • This page is a resource directory of songwriting and songwriting lessons articles written by My Songwriting Coach

  • Writing a song is like building a house, you'll do much better with a blueprint. Knowing the elements of a song is critical to great songwriting.

  • We all have songs in our hearts and songwriting lessons are among the most powerful ways to discover those songs and express them to the world

  • If your hunger is to master the art of songwriting, then songwriting lessons with My Songwriting Coach will catapult you to the fulfillment of your musical dreams.

  • Your success is as important to us as it is to you. Contact us now to make a meaningful breakthrough in your songwriting ability.

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  • Answers the question of whether songwriting can be taught through effective songwriting lessons or whether songwriters are just born

  • The chord progression is the foundation to a great song. Moving powerfully from chord to chord with the correct cadences keeps a listeners attention.

  • Discover the best first step to take in your songwriting lessons to become an amazing songwriter. This is the first in a series of recommendations, tips, and techniques.

  • Songwriting lessons are the clearest path to mastering all of the elements of becoming a great songwriter. My Songwriting Coach offers some of the best songwriting lessons around.

  • Hear what our students are saying about their songwriting lessons with My Songwriting Coach

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