My Songwriting Coach

Master the Art of Songwriting

Songwriting is an art. Yet, it is also a skill that can be learned. Even if you are already writing songs, you can get much, much better. Artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci apprenticed under a master to learn to perfect his skills. Should you do any less?

My Songwriting Coach can help you become the best composer possible with a weekly lesson combined with your personal drive to become the best you can be.


Can you answer yes to all these questions?

Do you know all the major, minor, dominant 7th and diminished chords in each key?
Do you know all the secondary dominant approach chords for each key?
Do you know how to interlace parallel major and minor keys?
Do you know how the scale alterations in minor keys change their chords?
Do you know all of the cadence types and how to use them?
Can you effectively use appoggiaturas to begin melodic phrases?
Are you able to use both harmonic and non-harmonic tones plus chromatics in your melodies?
Are your melodies easily singable?
Can you effectively use an anacrusis to give momentum to the beginning of a section?
Can you name and identify all the structural types of musical forms?
Do you have command of your rhyme schemes and are they consistent?
Can you identify the words that have the greatest rhythmic stress in your lyrics?
Can you enhance those notes by heightened pitch or duration?
Do your lyrics easily say what you want to say?

David Randle, My Songwriting CoachThese are just a portion of the knowledge, skills, and techniques that you can learn from working with My Songwriting Coach. Of course, just learning about a bunch of techniques doesn’t make you a good writer. It’s about inspiration and heart. It’s about knowing when to use what technique to get what effect. It’s about balance, and more about what it feels like than anything else. You need to practice. You need to be fearless. You need to be willing to grow. My Songwriting Coach will help you Master the Art of Songwriting.


My Songwriting Coach is in the process of taking reservations for private lessons, group lessons, workshops, and Master Classes. To learn more about who we are, Call 760-632-8043 for a free consultation to discuss your needs, experience level, and the type of program you are looking for. You will have an opportunity on a quarterly basis to debut your new songs in front of a live audience if you choose to do so. We also have vocal training available if you need to improve your singing skills in order to better present your song to the world.


Whether you play a musical instrument, are a singer looking to write songs for yourself, or even a lyricist looking to become a complete songwriter, the principles taught through My Songwriting Coach will bring fulfillment to your songwriting dreams. With your love for music, a little talent, hard work, and the foundation of music knowledge that we help you to develop you can achieve whatever you reach for.