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My Songwriting Coach, David RandleDavid Randle has spent his life in the creative side of the music industry. From his late teens, he performed with his band, the Brain Police, in concert with The Who, Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, & Ginger Baker), Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, Buffalo Springfield (Neil Young, Stephen Stills, & Richie Furay), The Byrds (David Crosby, Roger McQuinn), Eric Burdon & The Animals among others. He hadn’t begun writing yet but got to hang out with some of Rock Music’s luminaries. And really, the only reason he wasn’t writing that early was a mistaken observation. It seemed all the writers he was aware of, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, etc, all sang the songs they wrote. Since he didn’t sing, he jumped to the conclusion that he shouldn’t consider writing. A big mistake and one you shouldn’t repeat, regardless of whether you believe you can sing.


Since those early years, David has performed live, co-written with several artists, taught countless students the art of songwriting, and produced many top level CDs. For a select number of students who are lucky enough to work with him, David trains guitarists how to maximize the creativity with which they express themselves in their personal musical style on the guitar. It’s a rare student, indeed, who gets to work with David in his capacity as both My Songwriting Coach and the Guitar Lesson Expert, perfecting their songwriting craft with masterful songwriting lessons and heightening the originality with which they play the guitar through an array of guitar lessons suited specifically to their interests. Many of those students and colleagues go on to have David Randle Productions do the production work on their CDs.


David performs live with his wife, as Rebeca and David in the southern California area. Rebeca is a remarkable mentor, coach, and trainer in her own right, and the student who studies voice and performance with Rebeca while learning guitar and songwriting from David is way ahead of the curve.


No matter what instrument you play, or even if you only sing, a series of songwriting lessons with My Songwriting Coach can help you Master the Art of Songwriting.

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